Information and cybersecurity for everyone

In the modern world we are flooded with both health and digital terms. Today, we want to explain some of the digital ones that you hear every day Cybersecurity, Cyber Defense, Security Operations Center (SOC).

Present you a short video where you can hear more about what a security operations center is.

SOC consists of people, machines, systems and algorithms who monitor your security 24/7.

It is common misunderstanding that SOC was only intended for big organizations but now is available to anyone – from a single individual to huge enterprises, because we all have information. It is designed primarily for any organization or individual who has information and wants to protect it. Everyone who has opened his digital world to the physical one. Everyone who has a webpage, portal, exchanges information over a digital channel, conducts online trainings, meetings or wants to protect his modern gold – his information

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We can show you what one center for cybersecurity is doing in real life. As well as to show you what is happening when you leave your computer switched on, without supervision, and to tell you more about the online processes that your systems are keeping when you are offline.