Cybersecurity in the health sector – challenges and solutions

This was the topic of an online discussion between students from the Medical University and representatives of the Bulgarian Cluster for Digital Solutions and Innovations in Healthcare

On March 18, 2021, about 90 students from the Medical University were introduced to the latest risks to cybersecurity and mechanisms to avoid them.

The event was organized by JA Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Cluster for Digital Solutions and Innovations in Healthcare and is a part of the educational program on innovation and entrepreneurship. The executive director of the Cluster Mira Ganova presented its activity and its dynamic development. She spoke more about the added value of digital healthcare solutions.

Mnemonicа is one of the 9 companies that founded the Cluster. Vihren Slavchev spoke about the importance of cybersecurity in general, and in particular – in the health sector and stressed that, unfortunately, human lives are at risk and gave specific examples from practice. He shared that the real health situation has changed the virtual environment and with the transition to remote work and study the cyber risks are increasing. Another prerequisite is the increased use of mobile phones. Vihren said that there are 3 times more mobile devices than computers and that attacks against them are more frequent. Each of us looks at his phone an average of 47 times a day and 52% of global traffic goes through the mobile phones. Unsecured IoT systems are also risky.

Online fraudsters are actively exploiting the medical environment. There has been a significant increase in phishing scams – approximately 900 unique patterns of deception in the past month. 600 new domains have been registered for sending malicious messages to e-mail users.

Vihren Slavchev gave useful tips for creating more secure passwords and answered questions from the participants. Some of the latter also won a gift from Mnemonics – the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.