Cybersecurity tips – part three

Nobody is ever protected from cyberattacks. Everything is possible but we want to make sure that you stay as secured as possible. We will continue our cybersecurity advice campaign with a very simple yet important one – use diversified passwords and a password manager.

Cybersecurity Tip No 5:

Be careful and look for phishing emails that ask you for your credit card information. Never respond to them. 2️Use different and complex passwords for the different websites that you visit. 3️Reset your passwords once you are done shopping. This might help you in case of any potential data breach during the Winter holidays.

Cybersecurity Tip No 6:

Less is more but not when it comes to passwords – it is important to use a unique, long, and complex one for each website you register for. Remembering all of them feels like a complicated task? Using a password manager can make your life much easier – they store your login details and log you into them automatically. They encrypt your passwords with a master password – the only one you have to remember.

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