On the Pages of Economic Magazine and Economic.bg

Mnemonica’s CEO Vihren Slavchev talks about the importance of data in the current situation in two interviews – for the printed edition of Economic Magazine and in the website Economic.bg.

On the pages of Economic Magazine he points out that security breaches occur mainly because of the lack of knowledge of those who are attacked. Information is the new gold. It is lighter, more ubiquitous, and much more difficult to protect than the precious metal.

In Economic.bg Vihren says that the world is too dynamic, and we have to react to cyber threats with the right instruments.

There is no one who does not possess data, and everyone has to be careful. There are rules that must be taken in mind, in order the information to be kept in a healthy state, says Vihren.

Communication most often is carried out via emails and everyone has to know that if he or she receives unwanted information, they have to think carefully.

You can read more in the interview.