Vihren Slavchev: “Senior Management is the most critical unit for the cybersecurity of an organization”

Phishing (54%) and tracking software (46%) are among the most common threats

“64% of Top Management have been the most likely targets of malicious attacks in the digital environment for the past 3 months.” This data was revealed by the CEO of Mnemonica Vihren Slavchev during a webinar about the consequences of the pandemic of COVID-19 and how to prepare the business for them. The virtual seminar was organized by the law firm “Penkov, Markov and Partners”. The meeting, held through the Legal 500 platform, was attended by nearly 100 people – managers, lawyers, clients and partners.

Attackers focus on people who have access to a large amount of information concerning different areas in an organization. Among the most common methods for criminal activity Vihren Slavchev pointed out phishing attacks (54%) and tracking software (46%). “Encryption viruses also remain a common threat, accounting for more than ⅓ of all probable cyberattacks,” said Mnemonica’s CEO. During the last couple of months, more than 900 unique fraud models have been developed and more than 600 new domains have been created to send malicious messages to e-mail users, according to the data.

A study from Mobileiron , shared by the cybersecurity company, over the past year says that close to ⅕ of an organization’s employees have asked to be allowed to violate digital security protocols. “We must treat our data as we treat our health,” said Vihren Slavchev. Furthermore, he added that there is no panacea for cybersecurity. Mnemonica’s CEO called for more caution: “We need to always know who is on the other side when communicating in the digital environment and never provide more information than the other party needs.”

Among the topics discussed at the webinar were the mechanisms for financial support provided by the government during the pandemic, the restructuring of intercompany indebtedness, e-justice, the investment climate in Bulgaria and others