Mnemonica took part in SecurIT 2019

The international conference SecurIT InfoSec & Data Storage, organized by ICT Media, gathered hundreds of IT experts and representatives of the state agencies. The event took place in Sofia Tech Park. Mnemonica was there, represented by Vihren Slavchev who spoke about the effective data security and the understanding of hacking.

“We have to note that being a hacker is not obligatory a bad thing. There are hackers who switch roles and take part in the protection. It is more and more obscure where the hackers’ war is being held and how”, commented Vihren from the stage of Hall 1 of the conference.

After that he presented on stage Mnemonica’s business partner Kiril Georgiev – IT director at PAC Doverie JSC. Kiril told the audience about Mnemonica and Doverie’s project and described interesting cases from his IT security practice as an expert, working for a big organization with a lot of clients’ data.